Over 60% of all American Internet traffic is now mobile

My name is Doug Dye. I specialize in mobile content and design, website rebuilds, graphics and social media.

Everything is mobile now. If you have a website, chances are that more people visit your site on mobile devices than on computers. If your website isn’t “mobile friendly”, not only will Google penalize its ranking, people will have a very difficult time using it.

For the past several years, web designers have been building sites that look good when viewed on mobile devices. But since over 60% of internet traffic is now mobile, why not build the mobile side as the primary website? This is what I do.

Mobile First Web Design is Cheaper

OR: Nobody cares about your mission statement

Rather than creating a good looking desktop website and then finding ways to make the mobile version look good, it is much easier to do it the other way around. Why? Because people on mobile phones don’t want or need to choose between 30 pages to look at, so I can build sites that concentrate on the pages that do the most good.

What are the most important things you want your site visitors to know? This is what I focus on. It will result in leaner, more to the point websites. And that will also save you money.

Website Rebuilds

Keeping your website up to date is essential for your business, but other companies usually charge way too much. I offer a low cost option for older WordPress websites that updates WordPress, updates all plugins, and adds a security plugin to help prevent hacking and malware.


Facebook Campaigns

Once somebody Likes your page, they never go back to it, they see your posts on their Newsfeed. So how do you get more people to follow you? You get your followers to Like, Share or Comment on your posts, which then appear on THEIR Newsfeeds so their friends can see them too.


 Budget Websites

I create websites that are so efficient that I can put them together quickly. By streamlining the content and focusing upon what site visitors want to see, I eliminate unnecessary pages and content. This makes your message more effective and allows me to build it for a cheaper price.


Do it yourself websites

Template websites from places like Wix and GoDaddy Website Builder look awesome when you see the templates. The problem is that the content of those sites are put together by professional web designers, and you are probably NOT a professional web designer. You probably don’t have a collection of high quality artwork to use. You probably don’t have experience at search engine optimization (SEO) that helps get higher search engine rankings.

I can help you put one of those websites together, so it looks as good as those templates you saw. Contact me for more information.