I made my living at music for a long time. It’s not easy, but it can be done with talent, discipline and the knowledge to know how to do it.  I decided to share what I have learned over my career. A great musician friend of mine once said that after listening to a band play two songs, he could tell if they were weekend players or full time players. And he was right.

On this site, I will tell you how to make your band a better band, how to become a full time musician, and how to make sure you stay a full time musician. One more thing: the bands I loved playing in the most, and were the most successful, all played a decent amount of original music. And with few exceptions, the ones that I didn’t care about, didn’t.

Keep Your Band From Sucking

Any talented musician thinks about going full time, but how? Do you forget about playing original music? Can you do it without leaving your hometown? And what about your life in 20 years?

Find out what it took me decades to learn. How to make your band tight, how to find the right music, and what to avoid.

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My Work

After a long career, I have lots of stuff lying around. I have uploaded over 30 original songs, along with videos, images, and even comedy from our Up All Night webcast.

As usual, some of the old stuff is a bit embarrassing, but I think there’s some pretty cool stuff there too. But hey, feel free to judge for yourself.

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